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RISE™ specializes in the conception and development of innovative drive solutions that combine the latest advances in material technologies with novel mechanism design techniques and value-driven engineering to produce electric actuation packages of unprecedented power, stroke, quality and reliability. Our R+D team consists of experts in belt reeving systems, machine design, software design, digital prototyping, CNC fabrication, and DFMA.


  • Belt Reeving Topological Design

  • High-Force Actuator System Design

  • Synchronized Actuator System Design

  • Electrical System Design

  • Belt Safety Monitoring Systems

  • Dynamics and FEA Modeling

  • Actuator Lifecycle Testing Software and Controls

  • Drawing Packages for Components and Assemblies



In its pursuit of high-performance actuation solutions, RISE™ has built experience with customer requirements across different industries.  Our engineering department is keen to meet the specific performance metrics that a customer may need for a given application, including packaging and volumetric constraints, machine efficiency, service life expectations, and machine serviceability.


RISE™ relies on multiple modeling and simulation strategies to best predict product performance prior to making a physical prototype.  We then work with fabricators both local and global to create physical prototypes which are rapidly tested in our in-house testing facility.  Our designs are strictly specified and controlled by material, geometry, surface finish and hardness, and GD+T, among other methods.


A well-designed product must hit targets for performance, reliability, and ease of use while also meeting expectations for cost. RISE™ has experience designing parts for CNC milling and turning, casting, stamping, injection-molding, and sheet-metal stamping and bending.  In combination with good assembly design practice, our cost engineering competencies allow us to offer a high-performance actuation solution at a competitive price.



To test our innovative linear actuators, we built a completely custom testing facility. RISE™ multi-purpose testing facility is capable of testing multiple cylinders simultaneously. The test center runs through various cylinder loads to evaluate normal and overloaded cylinder conditions before shipping cylinders to our customers. The individually tested cylinders are stressed to to their limits to guarantee reliable performance in the field. Our testing team has designed and executed on both manually controlled and automated test sequences to rigorously test our products.  We have run many thousands of hours of tests and millions of motion cycles on our products.


  • - A robust and stable lab test environment in which to perform testing.

  • - Steady-state and transient loading of RISEcylinders.

  • - Loading configurations both in the context of industrial machinery and on independent frames for testing.

  • - Sophisticated software controls, condition monitoring, diagnostics and reporting.

  • - Energy efficiency measurements using calibrated sensors including load cells, capacitive encoders, high-precision ammeters, and tachometers, and IR sensors.


  • Control systems / PID tuning tests

  • Multiple load level testing

  • Machine impact loading

  • Lifecycle testing

  • Machine efficiency testing

  • Electrical system testing

  • Testing for elevated and reduced operating temperatures



RISE™ works with a global vendor base to provide the best price/performance ratio to our customers.  Additionally, we perform small quantity fabrication, assembly, and testing at our Somerville facility.

The facility houses the following services:

  • RISE™ has controlled areas for fabrication and testing, which are separated from the main assembly areas.

  • In-house machining resources allow us to meet critical delivery times.

  • Our QA staff assures that parts are to our specifications and will perform accordingly.