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The leader in high-performance and cost effective electric linear actuation solutions, RISE helps designers embrace high-efficiency, fuel saving actuation solutions that compete with hydraulic cylinders.  Designed for medium and heavy duty applications, RISE Cylinder provides fuel and emissions reductions, improves productivity and extends machine life.


Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, RISE is a leading provider of innovative heavy duty actuation and control solutions for mobile system applications. The company is making a name for itself designing lifting cylinders for heavy duty equipment. Linear actuators must sustain high loads and impacts in the coldest, hottest, muddiest, and saltiest conditions, which necessitates highly refined designs to allow equipment to work effectively and efficiently.

Eight years on, the RISE team has established expertise, know-how and experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of linear actuation systems. RISE engineers also develop custom instrumentation, control schemes, testing machines, and data recording systems for a complete drive solution integration with existing machinery.



With concern about climate change on the rise, governments & industries look to innovative technologies to minimize excess waste. The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Fluid Power Association has identified fluid power within heavy machinery as a major consumer of fuel that is still looking for a better answer: RISE™Cylinder.  Our purpose is to accelerate the electrification of heavy machinery applications.



We believe that wearable motion machines will be able to enhance the physical capabilities of able-bodied people in an intuitive and responsive way. Tough technical problems with actuation power, weight, and cost prevent wearable motion machines from becoming good enough for anyone, let alone everyone. We created a new type of mechanical motion technology to ultimately make wearable motion machines feasible. Research, development, and testing has been performed. Now, RISE has a proven solution for cost-effective, efficient, and power-dense actuation.