First Appearance of the 3rd Cyclone Cable Piston

Cyclone 2
Cyclone 3


ARCHIVED MESSAGE <10.13.02014>

Manufacturing for the Cyclone 2 was placed on hold when the gear-less Cyclone 3 arrived earlier than expected. There were a few pain points why the Cyclone 2 was shelved.  (1) The power density performance of the Cyclone 3 was far superior compared to the Cyclone 2 for a fraction of the price(2) The Cyclone 2 required an intermittent gearbox. The gears became the dominating cost in the B.O.M. (3) The Cyclone 3 was inharently more robustThe Cyclone 2 would be a premature product to mass produce given that a better answer just became available.

This architecture change was not only a huge leap forward for iteration speed and cost reduction, but was necessary for further fundraising.

Once the first prototype of the Cyclone 3 was made, connections and tickets were immediately made to debut the actuator at the Robobusiness conference in the same week.