what is the application?




A frequently asked question: " What is the application of the Cyclone? "

This continues to be a challenging question to answer because the Cyclone actuator is an important component in a wide variety of applications

An application is the special purpose or use to which something is put.

system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

component is a part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle.

For example, if the application was fast next day shipping, the distribution center would need machines that could sort packages much faster than humans could. You would need an army of capable robots that could pick up and put down parcels in an organized system. Those robots would need components that are cost effective and long lasting enough to make this endeavor worthwhile. Components like wheels, motors, cameras, computers and actuators (muscles). 

The relative complexity of spinning wheels and having strong enough computers would make actuation the most demanding task in the system. The costspeedstrength and longevity of an actuator component ends up being the ultimate indicator wether the system used is cost effective enoughIf the system is not cost effective enough, than the selected system in this application is not sustainable. A Cyclone can be a component solution here.

Another application could be the Shipyard building industry. Previously, ship builders would need to take a break every 5 minuets to put down their 40lb tool to rest their arms. As you can imagine, a big proportion of a shipyards expenses go to workers compensation for all the natural injuries involved with activities like this.

If the application of ship building involved a wearable system that assists employees in holding heavy objects to avoid frequent breaks, productivity would go up while medical compensation costs would drop. This is only possible if the components comprising this wearable system are cost effective enough to justify its price point. A Cyclone can be a component solution here too.

These are just a couple examples of where components within the systems are the limiting factor for further adoption of new applications.