mcfly day and the future as we know it


Today is the official Back to the Future day from the movie "Back to the Future II" because today is when Marty McFly time travels forward to October 21st 2015. Back to the Future II was directed by Robert Zemeckis in 1985; today he is also releasing a film called "the Walk". 

Today's discussion about "Back to the Future II" is fixated on predicting the future: Self-lacing Sneakers, Hover boards, and Hover cars are currently not commercially available to the public. It's just a fantasy. :(

Currently we create these fantasies using technologies such as fans, turbines, combustion, super conducting magnets and nonferrous surfaces. These are not economical and not fun :(

What people are not talking about is the possibility of new physics that might enable propulsion methods that are vastly more superior than current methods, like those in the movie. Our methods can be vastly more simple, economical, and power dense than our current methods. They will eventually enable new ways of traversing the galaxies in the heavens with much less wasted time and effort; like in the movie.

One method that has been surfacing recently that will change the way we look at physics is the mysterious EM drive, also nicknamed the Q-Drive or Strange Thruster. Confirmed by labs at the Chinese Northwestern Polytechnical University and the NASA/JSC Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory, the EM drive is a Radio Frequency Resonant Cavity Thruster that utilizes electromagnetic waves which resonate in a conductive CONICAL shaped vessel that can produce economical reaction-less thrust. "They are designed to use no reaction mass, and to emit no directional radiation. Their design principles are not supported by prevailing scientific theories, and they apparently violate the law of conservation of momentum."[1] - ARSTechnica

This has already been reproduced in demonstrations by DIY'ers on Youtube with Microwave Magnetrons and sheets of copper.  I strongly encourage everyone to be curious about what this CONICAL geometry is pushing (or pulling) against to produce such thrust.

Once we understand the art of resonance, geometry and the vacuum they sit in, products like hover boards, hover cars and simple spaceships, will become a reasonable reality for 2015. Happy Marty McFly Day!