BELTSCREW™ Power solution

The ideal powered mobile mechanism would have a minimum number of components in the path to actuation. A minimal design means minimal parts and weight with maximal control.

Unfortunately, existing motors today are most efficient when run at higher speeds, making this ideal arrangement difficult to achieve without using step-down transmissions to the joints.

Existing systems use liquids, compressed gases, or gears as transmission methods to step down high motor speeds to usable high torque motion.

However, most of these transmission methods have inherent inefficiencies requiring much larger batteries to compensate for wasted heat. This is where the BeltScrew™ Drive excels as a solution.

The BeltScrew™ Drive is a high performance linear transmission element.  When used in conjunction with Bowden cables, power can be delivered to the location of interest while keeping the majority of the bulk and weight at a central and convenient location, such as a backpack.