Advancing the art
of air compression

Bacon™ combines real world demanding performance & reliability into a premium air compressor that only Rise™ can build. Our best air compressor, Bacon™ achieves record braking airflow powered by a standard 120V wall socket while starting at only $1600 before incentives. Bacon™ is designed to attain the highest performance ratings in every category.









Starting price before incentives. Production begins mid 2017.
Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid 2018 or later


Bacon™, the first Longbore™ air compressor is a fundamental breakthrough in air compression technology. Bacon™ keeps up with all the major tools seen on a job site while producing nothing more than a silent sizzle of sound.

Bacon™ is one of the few rare compressors that can run on a 2kw Inverter or Generator without harmful current spikes.






Compressors equipped with Longbore™ pistons have improved efficiencies, are more reliable, produces less moisture buildup, have a smaller footprint with less required maintenance.

Longbore™ piston and cylinders move up to 6 times more volume than standard compressors, so they compress more air on each stroke. The Result is increased compressor efficiency, faster recovery, and lower RPM for reduced noise.


Driving Longbore™ pistons require fast, powerful, & robust linear motion. The drive that does this best is RISE patented Beltscrew™. Compared to standard drives, Beltscrew™ is the best of both belts and screws: 

     BeltScrew™ has the speed of a belt and the strength of a screw.




CFM @ 100 PSI
Power Supply
Tank Size


6.5 CFM  
2.1 HP  
120VAC 60Hz
8 GAL  

12 IN
36 IN  
14 IN
69 LBS

  • The Bacon™ 8 gallon compressor features a low maintenance, oil free, direct drive operation, a patented two stage LONGBORE™ piston, a high flow regulator and a high-power BLDC motor for maximum performance. This air compressor is perfect for spray guns, impact wrenches, and other high consumption air tools.
  • Features low maintenance oil free and polyurethane belt operation which means no oil to add, change, or dispose of and no belts to tighten or change
  • Features a high flow regulator which provides maximum air flow for peak tool performance
  • Continuous-duty with instant cut-in
  • 120 volt power that plugs into any standard outlet for quick and easy use.  The compressor does not produce current spikes on cut-in, so it can be used with generators safely
  • Has a long lasting brushless motor for long-term reliability and robustness
  • The patented pump design with two piece cooling system increases compression efficiency, lowers operating temperatures, extends the life of the pump, and provides the highest SCFM output with the lowest current draw for this class of compressor
  • Equipped with high flow regulator, tank & tool pressure gauges, quick coupler, on/off switch, wheels, and handle grip