By Roboticists, for Everybody


At Rise™, we are passionate about enabling technologies for consumersdesigners, and engineers alike.

We believe that we can contribute by sharing our discoveries through the products we design.


From FIRST robotics to challenges like 2.007, our competitive drive for the best devices brought us together. We have a strong belief in creating a new architecture for building robots; an architecture inspired by animal muscles, tendons, bones, and joints

We believe in efficient design measured in terms of cost, weight, and simplicity. We are the original few that identified & declared that actuators were the reason to the slow growth of the robotics revolution. These beliefs have driven us to invent and develop the revolutionary Beltscrew™ drive, and they will drive us to push the boundaries of robotics in years to come. As we work towards evermore powerful, agile, and human-like robots, we will also enable and challenge creative people everywhere to bring their ideas to life.  



Arron Acosta

Founder and CEO

After graduating from MIT with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Acosta worked with Professor Edward Crawley to start Ekotrope. Dr. Crawley taught Acosta how to be an engineering leader and how to commercialize breakthrough technology. 

When Acosta is not building robots he can be found seeking thrills in the great outdoors, playing strategy board games, and learning about the blockchain



Blake Sessions 

Founder and Director of R+D 

Sessions believes the design community to be the true magicians of the world, and has always been humbled by the workings of the human body. He strives to understand and emulate those biological interactions so as to advance the field of mechanical engineering.

While at MIT studying Biomechatronics, Sessions earned the Whitelaw prize for originality in mechanism design, and the de Florez award for ingenuity and creativity in innovation. For his creative work designing and selling bicycle chainrings, Sessions was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. In MIT’s senior year competitive design class,  Sessions worked with Acosta where their synergy propelled them to win first place among the mechanical engineering class of 2010-11.



Toomas Sepp

Co-Founder and Director of Product Development

While at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering, Sepp focused on precision machine design and product design on projects such as a pressure sensing laparoscopic grasper. Sepp was also a NEWMAC swimming champion in the 200 fly and All-American in the 100 fly. After graduating and before joining Rise™, Sepp designed products at the visionary robotic company Vecna Technologies. Recently Sepp has become fascinated with 3D printing and rapid prototyping. 

When Sepp is not building robots he can be found kiteboarding, rock climbing, playing strategy board games and modifying his Jeep Wrangler. 



Kyle Dell'Aquila

Co-Founder and Design

As an Industrial Designer from the Rhode Island School of Design, Kyle Dell'Aquila has developed concepts and products with a material focus on quality. From footwear to high fidelity audio equipment, his focus on historical and future philosophy makes the products he designs immune to trends but desirable to all.

 At a young age, Dell'Aquila became an expert at Blender, an open source CAD suite, and to this day, continues to use it for everything.

When Dell'Aquila is not building robots he can be found analyzing cult films, making audio equipment, learning about the blockchain, and tuning his '94 Chevy S10.